2008年12月19日 星期五

模擬市民3 12月17日的 VIP 翻譯內容

剛剛我看到了 模3VIP 的內容,覺得滿有趣的。想說應該會有很多人也感到興趣吧!


Hi Fans,

Hi, 各位模擬市民迷們:

This month’s edition of the developer blog is about Build and Buy, or B/B, as we often call it on the team.

這個月的開發者的部落格的題目是 建築(Build)和購買(Buy)模式 或者是我們開發團隊說的 B/B。

The core developers on this feature are a diverse lot, hailing from England, France, Pakistan, India, and the United States. Each has a story. Venkat has been immortalized as a Bin Sim; Irfan is our resident team photographer; David reads about semiotics in his leisure time; and Miguel’s wife bakes the most delicious raspberry macaroons.

這個團隊是個很多元化的團隊,有從英國、法國、巴基斯坦、印度、當然還有美國人。每個人都有自己的故事。Venkat被稱為 箱子小人;Irfan是團隊中的攝影師;David在空閒時喜歡閱讀關於符號學的東西;Miguel的老婆可以考出最好吃的覆盆子Macaroon

One of the new tools we think you’ll like is Wall Dragging. It certainly “made everyone gasp a bit” at the London demo. Ray, the designer, wanted a simple way to grow (or shrink) a room without having to rebuild it from scratch. So instead, you can grab a Wall, drag it to its new location, and the tool is intelligent enough to bring any Objects (including Floor tiles) along with it.  If you’ve built a sleek living room for your Bachelor Sim and want to give him some more space, this tool allows you to move the Wall and everything connected to it at once.  You don’t even have to go back into Create-a-Style to redo the patterns you’d created. 

其中一個我們認為妳們一定會喜歡的新的工具被稱為 Wall Dragging(拉牆工具,我暫翻)。這個工具讓每個參加在倫敦的展示會(Amy想說得是為什麼沒有台灣的展示會啊!) 看過的人都到抽了口氣。


Ray, 設計這個工具的人, 想要一個簡單的方法可以縮小或是放大一個房間,而且不需要從新來過。所以,現在你只需要抓住一面牆(當然不是你啊! 是遊戲中的手!),然後將它拉到你要的新位置。而且這個聰明的工具會自動跟著移動任何物件(包含地板)。

所以如果你為了個單身小人蓋了個時髦的客廳後想給她更大的空間。這個工具將可以允許你一次移動牆壁和所有的東西喔! 你根本不需要到 Create-a-style(創造新設計; Amy暫譯)重新來過!

The user-interface, or UI for short, is also new. Josh, its producer, wanted it to be both functional and entertaining.  The menus consist of pictures of the different categories you can browse through in Build and Buy Mode. Clicking on different parts of each picture takes you to that Object or Tool.  We made our UI better by talking to fans and letting them play with the new tools. We also make changes and additions based on what the team thinks. For example, we put in the new Foosball Table because a team member really wanted one.

這個使用者介面(user-interface)或是簡稱 UI 也是新的。Josh, 這個介面的設計者, 想要讓這個介面又有趣又有大功能。 介面的選擇單包含了不同種類的圖片,你可以隨意搜尋購買和建築模式。

選擇不同的圖片會讓你從物件轉換到工具。我們和模擬市民迷們對話和讓他們試試我們的新工具以便讓這個新工具更加的便利。我們也團隊的意見和想法來做改變和增加功能。例如: 我們放了個足球桌,因為一個團隊成員想要有這個物品。(那Amy想要有一張按摩椅,在玩電腦時更舒服,可以幫我增加嗎? )

You’ll be able to place Objects like the Foosball Table at a 45° angle. You can also have fun with 360° object placement by holding down the “ALT” key while you rotate it. We had a strong debate about making free rotation & placement default, but decided that it was too advanced. This shortcut will give you the same effect.

你可以將足球桌放在45度的角度。你也可以按著 ALT 鍵來360度的改變物品的角度。在設計這個功能時,我們討論是否要讓玩家直接可以做360度來放置物品(也就是說不需要按 ALT 鍵),但是最後決定這樣會太高級了。(是指電腦的配備要更高嗎? Amy不懂電腦) 不過這個 ALT 鍵的使用得到的效果是相同的。

At one of our fan events we showed the game to community site members from all over the world.  One thing that they were really excited about were the new clutter Objects, especially the bathroom ones such as the hand towel, toilet paper, and perfume. Our “slot” system gives you several choices where to place decorative Objects on surfaces, such as Tables and Dressers. These small touches help personalize a house and give it a unique feel.

在我們其中的一個來自世界各地的模擬市民迷的活動中(應該是指Amy和伊娃妮去的那次吧!) 其中一項讓他們感到興奮的是裝飾品(clutter 是指沒有用堆在一旁的東西,所以我就翻譯成裝飾品!),尤其是浴室裡面的擦手毛巾、衛生紙和香水。 我們的"格子"系統可以給你放這些裝飾品在桌面(例如: 桌子或是衣櫃)上的位置有很多個選擇。這些小小的特色可以讓房子的感覺有居家的感覺。

We hope you’ve enjoyed this peek at B/B and look forward to what you’ll create & share on the Exchange when the game comes out!

我們希望妳們喜歡這 B/B 的小小一瞥,也希望當遊戲出來後,你會和大家創造和分享你的物品。

- Feisal

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