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1月30日 The Sims 3 VIP 報導

這是1月30日美國官網的 VIP 的報導。


就拖到現在。這個人 Eric Holmberg-Weidler 所敘訴的模擬市民3的世界看起來很美麗。


Hello Sims Fans!


My name is Eric Holmberg-Weidler and I am one of the designers on The Sims 3.  With the new game we’ve added a plethora of items to grow, catch, and create that translate into skills for your Sims.  Two examples of this are in the gardening skill and fishing skill.  There are over twenty varieties of fish to catch, scattered across various beaches and lakes around town.  Some of the rarest fish can only be found in special locations around the neighborhood, or only at specific times.  An example is the experimental robot fish, which can only be caught behind the science facility.  Once caught, fish can be used for many purposes.  Two of my favorites are purely for collecting: you can mount any fish you catch on the wall, or if you prefer to keep your fish alive, you can put them in fish bowls and display them around your house.

我是 Eric Holmberg-Weidler(當然我不是,我是Amy!),我是模擬市民3的設計者之一。這個新遊戲(模3啦!)我們增加了很多(他的用字是過多的) 可以種植、捕抓和創造的物品,這些物件可以讓小人增加技能的。其中兩個例子是花園和釣魚的技能。在社區大約有超過20種不同品種的魚,你可以在社區附近的海灘、湖泊裡補抓。還有一些比較少有的品種必須在一些特殊的地方或是特殊的時間才抓的到。其中一個例子是實驗用途的機械魚,必須在科學機構的建築物後面才能 被找到。當魚被抓到後,有很多不同的用途。我最喜歡的兩個用途之一是單純的當作收集品。你可以將收集到的魚放在牆上當裝飾品。或者你喜歡看活著的魚,也可以放到魚缸裡面給大家欣賞。

The gardening skill also has many different fruits and vegetables to discover and grow.  This includes old favorites like the money tree, and many new types of plants including a special sort that will allow you to grow almost anything from eggs (not your normal type of eggplant!) to steak, as well as much more.  Some of these rarer plants can only be obtained after completing special opportunities, exploring out of the way parts of town, or even by fishing them up.

花園的技能包含了發現許多不同的水果和蔬菜和種植。當然包含了大家都喜歡的模幣樹,也有很多新的植物。其中包含了一個植物可以讓小人種植蛋(不是普通的茄子,因為茄子在英文叫做 Eggplant蛋植物)或是牛排。有一些稀少品種植物會在完成某個任務或是機會卡時得到。所以讓小人到社區裡四處探索吧! 說不定還能夠釣到特殊的植物喔!

I have to say my favorite types of collection in The Sims 3 aren’t tied to skills at all.  These include the ability to collect all sorts of insects, butterflies, and beetles, as well as space rocks, minerals, and even gems.  We’ve tucked these all around the neighborhood for you to find and collect as you play.  Once you’ve found something cool, you usually have several options with what you want to do with it.  It can be quite lucrative to find gems and sell them, or if you like the way they look, you can put them on display.  Raw gems can be sent out to get cut into one of many different shapes of polished gemstone.  Space rocks can be displayed in their raw form, although they won’t all conveniently fit in your house, as some are bigger than your Sim!  Insects can be named and kept around the house as pets in terrariums, and minerals can even be smelted into bars.  Want a treasure room stacked with gold bars?  Go ahead! 

我最喜歡模擬市民3的 "收集物件" 其實和技能並沒有相關的。這些包含了可以收集各種不同的昆蟲、蝴蝶和甲蟲。還有太空岩石、礦石、甚至於寶石。你可以在社區的各個地方找到這些物品。當你找到某個很酷的物品,通常會有幾個不同的選項讓你處理這個物品。而且如果小人找到寶石還可以發一比小財呢! 或是你喜歡寶石的樣子,可以放在家裡讓大家觀賞。沒有處理的寶石可以被送去裁切成不同的美麗的形狀。太空岩石可以直接放在家中被欣賞。不過可能無法放進家 中,因為太空岩石可以比你的小人還大呢! 昆蟲可以由你來命名然後養在箱子當寵物。礦石也可以被熔化做成條狀的。如果你想要一個寶藏房間堆滿了金條? 沒問題!

When these collectables are put on display in your house, they can make a big difference in how happy your Sims are when nearby.


Recently, while playing the game, I created myself as a Sim and set out to explore the neighborhood and do a little collecting.


My Sim self had been looking forward to going on a fishing trip all week.  He’d recently moved to Sunset Valley, and had heard there was a lake in the woods near his house where he could do some killer fishing.  He woke up early Saturday morning, took a quick shower, and was off at 5am, hoping to get to the lake by six.  The fish are always the most enthusiastic in the morning.

我的小人一直很期待能夠去一個釣魚的假期。小人最近搬進了 Sunset Valley的社區,而且聽說在他家附近的森林裡有一個湖泊可以去釣魚。一個星期六早上他很早就起床了,很快的沖了個涼。在5點就出發了,希望在6點前就 能夠到達那個湖泊。早起的人兒有魚釣! (哈哈)

My Sim ran across the street and was quickly in the woods, walking down a somber forest path.  Lost in his own thoughts and enjoying the great outdoors, it wasn’t long before a sparkle in the periphery of his vision caught his eye.  A few quick steps brought him closer and crouching down he found a strange rock.  As he picked up it and examined it, it sparkled at odd angles, bending the light in bizarre ways.  While my Sim was by no means a rock collector, he had seen his share of geology, and this was like nothing he’d witnessed before.  Pocketing it for later, he continued on his way, still eager to get to his fishing destination.

我的小人很快的穿過了馬路,跑進了森林裡。走在陰暗的森林小路上,小人沉溺在他自己的世界裡。享受著這個戶外的空氣。沒多久,閃閃發亮的周圍吸引了他的視線。 他快步走向前然後蹲下來,他發現了一顆奇怪的岩石。當他拿起來更仔細的檢視時發現這顆石頭會在轉動時發亮,在陽光下會發出奇怪的光線。我的小人並不是一個石頭收藏家,但是他也懂一些地理。所以知道這顆石頭並不是他曾看過的東西。所以將石頭收進了口袋,回家再看。他就繼續了他的旅程。

Climbing over a small boulder in the path and topping a hill, the lake spread out before my Sim, shimmering in the sun.  Expecting calm waters, he was surprised to see the surface covered in ripples.  Everywhere he looked, fish were breaking the surface, some completely leaving the water, fighting for food or a touch of morning air.  Without a moment to lose, my Sim pulled out his trusty fishing rod, baited it, and cast into the middle of one of the liveliest areas. 



Some hours later he’d caught a half dozen fish of several common varieties.  A few were perfect enough specimens to be considered for mounting on the wall.  My Sim was on his last cast of the day, when he made the catch of a lifetime!  He reeled in what felt like an unusually small fish.  Grabbing it out of the water, he stared into the malevolent, blood-red eyes of an almost pitch-black fish.  Tiny fangs protruded from either side of its mouth.  A chill ran through my Sim, whether from fear, or from the prospect of adding this prize to his collection of fish he did not know.


Satisfied with my story, I quickly saved my game and shut down the computer.


There is a ton more to find and collect in The Sims 3 that I would love to tell you about, but since I am running out of space I will have to leave you to discover them for yourself.  Happy hunting and thanks for reading!


- Eric Holmberg-Weidler

看了這篇我的感想是,電腦 nerds 的敘述能力也是很強的呢! 我幾乎可以看到他所敘述的那個畫面,讓我很希望能夠馬上拿到遊戲來玩呢!

附圖是我在其他的網站上找到的。是一些關於 Creat-A-Style 的。你可以看到相同的花樣可以改成不同顏色,用在幾乎是所有的物品上面喔!

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  3. <p>好多單字在yahoo的迷你筆都找不到...還要自己在減個s、ing= ˇ=</p>
    <p>增加許多花園和釣魚的死法<img src=""/><img src=""/>結果是增加了許多花園和釣魚的技能</p>

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    [版主回覆02/20/2009 13:26:04]魚可以吃喔! 和模2是一樣的!<br>模3的主程式還沒有四季的功能,至少現在還沒有。<br>不知道6月出貨時會不會加入呢!<br>

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    [版主回覆02/20/2009 13:29:28]我也是預購了禮盒組的!<br>那個USB讓我真的很喜歡呢!<br>真希望快點出貨!<br>

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    真的很期待呢~~可惜sims 3 要延期......

  8. <p>天阿~在知道延期後看這篇</p>
    [版主回覆02/20/2009 13:30:15]哈! 對啊! <br>我看完這篇文章,就很生氣。<br>為什麼要延期啊! <img src=""/><br>

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    <p>為何我只出現兩種寶石切割呢 ?</p>
    [版主回覆08/08/2009 13:08:05]<p>寶石切割,我記得是你切越多就會有更多選項喔!</p>