2009年1月3日 星期六

Ben Bell 模3製作人的新訪談

剛剛在 Snooty Sims 看到一篇新的 Ben Bell接受荷蘭DGS-online 的訪談。
奇怪,為什麼他不能接受我們台灣的訪談啊! 他們還欠伊娃妮5個問題呢!
DGS: Can you tell something about yourself?

DGS: 你可以告訴我們關於自己(Ben Bell)嗎?

Ben Bell: I'm the executive producer for The Sims 3. Before this, I worked on The Sims 2: Pets, all console/handheld versions and The Sims 2: Castaway. Before I joined the Sims team, I worked on other games, like Everquest, Champions of Norrath and Gun.

BB: 我是模擬市民3的執行製作人。在這之前,我有參予寵物當家的所有遊戲平台和模擬市民:荒島歷險的製作。在我加入模擬市民的行列前,我參予過 EverquestChampions of Norrath and Gun

What do you like so much about Sims 3?


What I like so much about The Sims is the fans, they are so creative and positive. They have a lot of positive energy in the game. So it's nice to give them the tools that give them the option to create their own items in the game. Our mission is to make more tools so that they can express themselves more.


Are there certain aspects from the former games that you didn't want to see in The Sims 3?


I think that everything we did prior to this, had a purpose. With The Sims 3, we wanted to focus more on the story and give the players more freedom. The titles in the past, all centered around the house and had a lot of control what happened there, but didn't really have the possibility to explore outside of the house. And there is so much more to do outside the house.
So when you enter the game, you have an idea what you want to do, and what we try to do is, go out of your way and say: "this is your game, your freedom. Tell your story".

我相信出現在模1和模2的任何事物都有他的目的。但是在模3,我們將重點放在故事上,也要給玩家更多的自由。模1和模2是圍繞在小人家中,小人必須要很多的指令。而且並沒有真正的可以在房子外面做太多的探索。但是實際上,房子外面有很多值得去探索的。所以當你進入了模3,你知道你想要什麼,而我們(製作人)的工作就是告訴你: "這是你的遊戲,你的自由。告訴我們你的故事吧!"

Can you switch between cities?


No, each city is a single entity. You can move families to other cities, but that only means that they will be a copy of the original family.


There's a lot of commotion about DRM. Will that be present in the game?

最近有很多關於DRM(Digial Right Management數位版權的管理)討論。請問模3會有這個裝置嗎?

We haven't decided that yet, but we sure look at how other games managed this and all the problems people have with it. We want to come up with something that is userfriendly for all players. In the near future, we will announce what we will do, but we will sure listen to everybody.


Will there be aliens in the game?


That has yet to be determined.



Is there something you can show that hasn't been shown yet?


Everything. I would love to show all the different parts of the city, to show that it's a more important part then ever. You can make a garden around your house by searching for seeds all over town, plant them and let them grow.


You can fish on multiple locations and each spot can have different kinds of fish, so there's a bigger emphasis by searching and collecting items.


This collecting option has the extra purpose of getting better in your career. For example, a chef-cook can collect their ingredients to create more recipies. For each career there are different things to do in the city.

這些蒐集的選項也有特殊的意義 -- 讓小人升官的方法之一。舉例說明,一個大廚可以蒐集不同的食材而可以創造更多的食譜。所以不同的職業,在城裡生活將會有不同的樂趣。

Since all these new activities costs a lot of time, there is an option to let your Sim age slower.


Can we expect something extra for the Neighborhood in the future?


I think it will take about 3 or 4 weeks for a new city to be available. And only after a few months, there will be a tool to adjust or create cities.


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