2008年2月11日 星期一

In Memory of Pickle

Dear Pickle,

I hope you are happy and free in heaven now.

However, I will miss you so much.

On the night of Feb. 10, at 12.01, you drew your last breath in my arms.

I cried, because I just couldn't help it.

I cried, because I know I am going to miss you so much.

I cread, because... there are so many reasons.

About 12, 13 years ago, my sisters and I went to the mall in Toronto in search of a cat.  At first, my sisters set their sights on a pale orange cat.  And you were sleeping with your back to us.  Suddenly, you woke up and started to show off for us.  And we fell in love at the first sight.

You were so cute with eyes so huge and so green, and face so round.  You were also full of energy and couldn't seem to stop.  We took you home in a box and you kept batting the box like you wanted to get out.

When you got home, you were so curious about everything that you ran around the house, even up to my head.  Finally, you were worn out and fell asleep on my lap.

There are so many memories of you.

- You always looked at us with you big eyes pleading for more food.

- When you got back from your de-clawed operation, you would sitting up like a squirrel.

- You would play with us and got very excited and bit us, but would licked us afterward like you didn't mean to do it.

- You would sit with me when I watch TV to keep me company and slept on my lap after a while.

- You came to sleep with me on my bed after I came back from Taiwan to Toronto, like you missed me so.

- You would touch your head on our chins before eating.

- You would ....

So many good memories that I will treasure them forever.

However, the past few years, you were sick with diabetes. 

We almost losted you twice 2 years ago.  And you had to be given 2 shots of insulin a day. 

I know you would leave us one day, I just wasn't ready yet.

You had picked a good time to leave, as Dad said.  Everyone who loved you were in the house and saw you off.

Please be free eating whatever you want in the heaven, and chase birds or butterflies.

I want you to be happy.

I will be sad, of course.  And cry some more.  I know I will be fine one day, but for now, just let me cry.  But know this, you will always be the most special and pretty and beautiful and cutest cat of my heart.

Love, Amy

D.O.B. Feb. 27, 1995

D.O.D. Feb. 10, 2008 00:01